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The repetative nature of songs and rhymes help students learn vocabulary and the rhythm of language.

Students hear a word in a melody and all of a sudden a whole verse is triggered in the same way you remember songs.  These songs are grammatically based so students are also subconsciously learning grammatical structures of English.

It has beeen claimed that listening comprehension of songs requires the activation of both left and right hemispheres of the brain.  This may well activate long term memory in vocabulary development.

Phonetic sounds are able to be subconsciously processed to teach natural pronunciation efficiently and students can have fun.

Technology enables the choice of how to use these songs.  Use teacher directed classroom learning with central speakers (e.g. phone,mp3 app & boombox) or computer based individual student learning.  With a school licence, students can use the songs for independent language learning in a computer centre or language lab.

Have fun with them. They have fun lyrics.


Some strategies with songs.

  • Gap fills or cloze text mix ups.
  • True-false statements.
  • Focus questions.
  • Put these lines/words into the correct sequence.
  • Indicate the word stress.
  • Indicate the sentence stress.
  • Phonetics and intonation.
  • Add verses.
  • Dictation.
  • Add antonyms/synonyms of given words.
  • Spirited discussion and creative writing.
  • Introduce slang in an easy to remember fun context.





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I risk this guarantee because of the belief in what these songs and music can do.  Intermediate to advanced students will rapidly improve their English skills from interacting with these songs and have fun in the process.

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